We Believe In Win-Win Situations

We help you win in every situation where money matters

We cater to any business in any field or industry, without leaving loose ends.

Small Team. Big Ideas.

Wealth Planning Strategies was launched as a solution to every business owner’s problem – merchant processing fees that take a toll on everyone’s minds and pockets. We help you process with no processing fees. We eliminate ALL credit card fees that come with business transactions. You’ll get a good jumpstart towards maximizing profitability in your business, no strings attached.

We also provide a variety of business solutions such as loan advances and cryptocurrency payment methods. We cater to any business in any field or industry, without leaving loose ends. Our goal is to make sure every business makes the most out of their finances, save more money, and bring in the best profits.

How We Work

Small teams, communication, and infinite support

Small Teams

We believe that great things can be more efficient when handled by a small team that can collaborate easily and effectively fulfill the needs of our clients

Client Communication

We always make sure that we deliver exactly what you want. Our staff have excellent social skills so they are able to talk and collaborate with you in every stage of the process to ensure quality output.

Infinite Support

There’s so much to learn about wealth strategies and financial management. Business planning and management can immensely grow over a lifetime. With our communication, we will work together to get past the challenges and be on top of the game.

Wealth Planning Strategies is indeed a life saver! I was at my wit’s end when I was referred to them by a college classmate. Our first consultation was like a lightbulb moment that helped me understand where I was losing money and where I could save more. I have more control over my business finances now. Thank you!

Michael S.

Our Services

Business Loan Advances

Get a good jumpstart, or that necessary lift, in your business through an advance loan.

Merchant Processing Fees Solution

Eliminate processing fees in merchant transactions. No need to worry about credit card fees when you transact with credit card processors.

Cryptocurrency Payment Methods

Make your business up-to-date with the latest security measures by taking cryptocurrency as form of payment.

Want To Experience Immense Wealth?

Schedule an appointment with us and let’s talk about how you can finally be free from credit card processing fees.

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